lead actress needed for film about feminism: must be attractive

A new video explores Hollywood's entrenched sexism, right down to casting calls.

by Tish Weinstock
07 March 2016, 3:18pm

Calling all 18-25 year old women: do you wear push up bras? Are you pretty even without make up? Do you enjoy wearing aprons with floral patterns? If yes, then you're perfect for the role of a heavily exploited woman. Inspired by the blog Casting Call Woe, artists Julie Asriyan, Laura Bray, and Jenna Ciralli have created a satirical video that features a group of women reading highly sexist role descriptions they found on the internet. From "please only apply if you are of slender build" to "comes across as average looking but has the potential to be pretty if she dressed differently," the video reveals the institutionalized sexism that seems entrenched in many corners of Hollywood. 

The video follows @femscriptintros, a Twitter account operated by producer Ross Putman. Putnam uploads all the sexist (and almost hilariously depressing) female descriptions he finds in actual scripts that have been submitted to him, changing all names to Jane. "His wife JANE is making dinner and watching CNN on a small TV. She was model pretty once, but living an actual life has taken its toll," one particularly terrible intro reads. Taken together, these projects demonstrate the dire need for more female screenwriters and studio executives to help re-write Hollywood's ongoing sexism.  

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