caitlyn jenner might be launching a cosmetics line

The trans trailblazer has licensed the right to sell fragrance, cosmetics, and skincare in her name.

by i-D Staff and Hannah Ongley
19 February 2016, 4:00pm

You can't hang around that many other Kardashian/Jenner women and not pick up a beauty trick or five. Evidently Caitlyn Jenner has learned enough in the eight months since she dropped her groundbreaking Vanity Fair cover that she's getting into the cosmetics business herself. Watch out, King Kylie.

According to TMZ, Jenner has filed a trademark for a self-titled makeup line. It won't just be eyeliner and lip kits either — the contract covers fragrances, makeup remover, nail polish, and skin care. This news seems to confirm that Jenner won't, as rumors suggested a few months ago, be joining the likes of Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj by fronting a campaign for MAC cosmetics. Guess she just genuinely digs their Studio Fix foundation.

Whichever way the cookie crumbles, it's been an important year for trans women in beauty, which is a much harder market for non-traditional bodies to break into than fashion is. Andreja Pejic recently scored a Make Up For Ever contract, making her the first transgender model to lead a campaign for a big beauty brand. Lea T also hit a home run for diversity by landing a global beauty campaign for Revlon's hair line. 

And if Kylie does have beef with her parent's latest career move, it won't be the first time a product deal has caused an awkward conversation at the dinner table. 


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