the downtown girls basketball league on sports and style

​Every Tuesday night, Chinatown's Seward Park plays host to a creative crew of models, artists, designers, gallery directors, and more coming together to take things above the rim as the Downtown Girls Basketball League. With celebratory vodka gimlets...

by i-D Staff
29 May 2015, 1:50pm

Name: Raine Trainor
Age: 24
What do you do? I'm an artist
What position do you play? Ball stealer
Who's your favorite baller? Chris Brown
How do you customize your uniform? Cryin' Hawaiian
What's your warm up jam? Nelly - Air Force Ones
Why do you <3 NY? Salads in SoHo
What's your post-game relaxation ritual? Gimlets and dancing in Air Forces
Who's the toughest Downtown Girl? Kathy

Name: Camille B. Brunet
Age: 24
What do you do? That's a good question
What position do you play? MVP
Who's your favorite baller? World Peace.
How do you customize your uniform? Knee-high socks and windblown hair
What's your warm up jam? Wu Tang Clan - Bring the Ruckus
Why do you <3 NY? I fell in love here
What's your post-game relaxation ritual? Dumplings
Who's the toughest Downtown Girl? Liz2cool

Name: Maureen O'Brien
Age: 25
What do you do? Copywriter
What position do you play? Big D
Who's your favorite baller? Maya Angelou
How do you customize your uniform? I have a basketball necklace that's good luck
What's your warm up jam? Enrique Iglesia - I'm a Freak
Why do you <3 NY? I love all the different kinds of bagels here. There's a Hot Cheetos bagel I've gotta try
What's your post-game relaxation ritual? I like to cool down by winning a game of Lightning
Who's the toughest Downtown Girl? C'mon, we are all softies

Name: Aria McManus
What do you do? Artist/ designer
What position do you play? Coach
Who's your favorite baller? Yonce and Mckenna Peterson, the 12-year-old girl who wrote to Dick's Sporting Goods about sexism
How do you customize your uniform? Temp tats and socks
What's your warm up jam? Beyonce - Drunk in Love
Why do you <3 NY? Easy access
What's your post-game relaxation ritual? Dancing
Who's the toughest Downtown Girl? There's no "I" in "team"

Name: Caroline Debruhl
Age: 20
What do you do? I'm a model
What position do you play? Center, of course, because I am tall
Who's your favorite baller? Reggie Bullock from the LA Clippers
How do you customize your uniform? Baggy shorts and a sports bra. That's comfort for me
What's your warm up jam? Tom Petty -  I Won't Back Down 
Why do you <3 NY? You have endless opportunities here in NYC
What's your post-game relaxation ritual? Music and talking with my girls
Who's the toughest Downtown Girl? Tali, she's a force to be reckoned with

Name: Jennifer May Reiland
Age: 25
What do you do? I'm an artist
What position do you play? I live for defense
Who's your favorite baller? Hakeem the dream!
How do you customize your uniform? Whatever's left on after my quick change from street clothes
What's your warm up jam? Listening to This American Life on the F train
Why do you <3 NY? I moved here when I was 18 and knew it was my home
What's your post-game relaxation ritual? Beverly's
Who's the toughest Downtown Girl? Aria

Name: Maren Lord
Age: 24
What do you do? Unemployed actor
What position do you play? Vertical
Who's your favorite baller? Bud from Air Bud.
How do you customize your uniform? I try to look like a dork
What's your warm up jam? Todd Terje
Why do you <3 NY? Cause it's all I know, baby
What's your post-game relaxation ritual? Cycling home
Who's the toughest Downtown Girl? Kathy Lo

Name: Emily Garbato
Age: 25 
What do you do? Spirits marketing
What position do you play? Midfield
Who's your favorite baller? Aaliyah
How do you customize your uniform? I don't, that's why no one sees me coming
What's your warm up jam? Ciara - Like a Boy
Why do you <3 NY? It's never boring
What's your post-game relaxation ritual? Drinking a Modelo with lime juice and eating pork dumplings
Who's the toughest Downtown Girl? Raine! She sprains her fingers every week and still plays 100%. She's not scared

Name: Liz Hopkins
Age: 25
What do you do? I work as a gallery director
What position do you play? Ball hog
Who's your favorite baller? Allen Iverson and MJ
How do you customize your uniform? Color and flavor
What's your warm up jam? Gucci Mane
Why do you <3 NY? It's spicy
What's your post-game relaxation ritual? Brews and babes at Beverly's
Who's the toughest Downtown Girl? Kathy Lo

Name: Sophie Helsey
Age: 26
What do you do? Cook at Dimes
What position do you play? Semi-tall girl
Who's your favorite baller? K.D.
How do you customize your uniform? Reeboks
What's your warm up jam? Space Jam
Why do you <3 NY? The F train
What's your post-game relaxation ritual? Soup
Who's the toughest Downtown Girl? Captain Aria

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