lily-rose depp shuts down followers suggesting she smile more

FYI: Lily-Rose Depp does read the comments.

by Hannah Ongley
04 May 2016, 3:21pm


There are many things worth discussing about the exceptional ensemble that teen queen Lily-Rose Depp wore to her very first Met Gala on Monday. The embellished Chanel couture gown, the matching Chanel couture bomber jacket(!) and the heavy coating of diamonds were all very noteworthy. What's not an interesting discussion is whether she'd look better if she were smiling. And it's a particularly uncool discussion to have all over the comments of her Instagram page — which, judging by her latest post, are definitely things she reads.

After a couple of photos from the event drew out sexist comments such as "Smile. So pretty but looks always sad," Depp did what any omnipresent yet mysterious Instagram It Girl would do: posted another non-smiling photo with the caption, "y'all said She'd look good if she were smiling" followed by a string of the "Tears of Joy" emoji. Less misogynistic fans responded with comments like, "don't need to smile, you're beauty is clear all around" and "Smile when you feel like it and not a second that you don't!" Lily-Rose Depp: 1. Haters: 0. Hopefully notes are also being taken by those telling her not to wear makeup.


Text Hannah Ongley
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