watch the emotional trailer for lena dunham’s transgender suit-making documentary

'No one contacts us and says, 'I want a fitting,' say the owners of Brooklyn-based tailoring company Bindle & Keep. 'They usually say, 'This is my story.''

by i-D Staff and Hannah Ongley
19 May 2016, 5:28pm


In a candid essay last year, trans actress Hari Nef dissected the prevailing misconceptions about transgender women and beauty standards. "Most trans women struggle to shape/frame their bodies in accordance with patriarchal beauty standards — not because these standards are good or valid, but because they preserve dignity and even save lives," she wrote. Similar concerns exist for transgender men, or gender-nonconforming people with curves. There are certain clothes that are vital to the preservation of dignity and identity, but often they don't fit on trans masculine or gender-nonconforming bodies. Brooklyn-based tailoring company Bindle & Keep didn't set out to cater specifically to these customers, but doing so is now pretty much their chief M.O. 

"For a lot of people, with all kinds of bodies and identities, clothes can make or break every day of their lives," one of Bindle & Keep's owners says in the new trailer for Suited, a documentary produced by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner. The company's clients include a trans boy with an approaching bah mitzvah and a trans man who needs a suit to get married in. "No one contacts us and says, 'I want a fitting,'" the owners explain. "They usually say, 'This is my story.'" Suited, directed by Jason Benjamin, premieres on HBO next month. 


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