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Intimate and melancholic, 'Romantic' is a dreamy meditation on the sadness behind love.

by i-D Staff
03 November 2016, 3:57pm

LA band Slow Hollows's latest offering is a dreamy meditation on the sadness behind love. Intimate and melancholic, Romantic — which follows the band's previous record, Atelophobia — was written over a period of months between 2015 and 2016. Founded a year earlier (the group was originally known as Hollows) and headed up by the exceptionally dashing Austin Feinstein, the band refers to its sound as post-pop, drawing on the dulcet tones and bittersweet symphonies of bands likes Radiohead and Pavement. 

"I was writing the album while I was still in high-school," says Austin, "so there was a constant flux of emotion, physical state, and surrounding, making it almost impossible to plan a single cohesive themed piece of music. As timed passed I learned to accept the way that things had come to be, and appreciate that it was a sound unique to the band." Austin's desire to make honest and meaningful music whilst navigating his way through the banality of high school, forced him to take a step back from the romanticized idea we have of tortured artists. Far from pertaining to this glamorized notion of instability and mental illness, Austin simply wants to be himself, which is what makes Romantic so refreshingly unique. 

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