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Royce Wood Junior has a sound that somehow manages to subtly unify dreamy R&B with soul and jazz, even tipping his hat to UK garage. Having been in the studio with the likes of Jamie Woon, Kwabs and Denai Moore while nailing production work for Ninja...

by i-D Team
08 December 2014, 6:00pm

"This mix is made up of 60% of my own work, offcuts and session tracks from the last two years that were never part of any public projects. The idea of music sitting dormant and secret on a hard drive seems a very bizarre and sad thing, given that the time you spent creating it is both precious and irretrievable. A mix is a great forum for these kinds of pieces to have a small spot in the daylight and to exist as a tangible, audible collection.

The rest is made up of great work from others that hopefully provide the glue for the originals to…. not shine…. but flicker." 
Royce Wood Junior

Full Tracklist:

1. RWJ - Fireworks Interlude Edit
2. Kutiman - Just a lady
3. Yosi Horikawa - Whispers From An Angel (ft Jesse Boykins III, Anenon & Grayson Gilmour)
4. Jono Mccleery - Painted Blue
5. Micromattic - Uncanny (RWJ Remix)
6. RWJ - Dr. Evil
7. Prequel - Polite Strangers
8. Doc Daneeka - What's It Gonna Be (Feat. Seven Davis Jr)
9. RWJ - Tacklens
10. Zaflon - Wanky
11. Dahlia Black - Fuck a rap song
12. RWJ and Barney Artist
13. RWJ - Nuff (writing demo)
14. RWJ - Rover
15. RWJ - Rotary Internazionale
16. Ake Djassen - Peppermint Club
17. RWJ - Purple
18. RWJ - Jackie's beat
19. RWJ - Trunk
20. RWJ - Clacks
21. Robert Kyle - Willow
22. RWJ - Honeydripper (Demo) 



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