i-D’s top 10 instagrammers of 2014

Let’s be honest, 2014 was the year we all got addicted to Instagram. To celebrate this year’s greatest #badhabit, we take a look at 10 of i-D’s Instagram hot faves. Here’s who we think you should be following…

17 December 2014, 9:40am

instagram @georgiehobday

From amazing vistas to the cuddliest of pets, to models goofing around backstage, holidays and high days. Nothing is left to the imagination as we fiddle around with the effects apps that can turn a cup of tea into a thing of beauty, make a close up flawless and a day out at Blackpool look like you're on the French Riviera! Some people are good with words, while others find a picture can paint a thousand words and that is why in 2014 Instagram was the only social network to engage in.

1. Judy Blame @judyblame
Judy Blame's Instagram moodboard is vast. His collage work is prolific as well as his editorial which spans an archive of over three decades. Judy tackles society with jarring slogans and confronting imagery. His stream is sometimes ironic, often in yer face and always visually enlightening!

2. James Davison @jamesdavisonstudio

His tag line is "Sketches with perversions and creative excursions" and that about sums it up. James is super talented and his Instagram is jammed with portraiture and studies that are beautifully explicit. If you want to see his work in real life then I suggest you visit the toilets of new opened The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2.

3. Edward Meadham @edwardmeadham

A glimpse into one half of Meadham Kirchhoff's mind. The things that inspire Ed, portraits of fascinating characters and things he's obsessed by, his oh so cute dog Trojan, catwalk moments, design sketches and of course the rare selfie.

4. Jenkin van Zyl @jenkinvanzyl

Jenkin is a young artist who's personal image is as important as the work he produces. Film, performance and various forms of installation work, Jenkin's art has a brutal gothic flamboyance attached to it if you can imagine such a thing... if not go and follow him for yourselves.

5.Giancarlo Gianmmetti @privategg

Want to see how the other half live? Then check into Private GG's account where he not only gets selfies with his bf Valentino but super cute pics of their pooches, dress of the day, dinner with Kylie, etc. There are also pictures of glam cruises on the Riviera and their travels around the international fashion globe... one word to describe it; camp!

6. Unskilled Worker @unskilledworker

At first we didn't know who Unskilled Worker was but upon some research we found out she is Helen Downie who is a self taught artist. She does the most gorgeous paintings. Her portraiture is often naive in execution but has a depth and engaging sense to it.

7. Andrew Gallimore @andrewgallmakeup

We are so living for the faces of Andrew Gallimore. He often treats the face as a canvas applying layer upon layer of texture, colour, light and shade. Two eyes, a nose and a mouth become the basis for his sometimes mask-like creations. His absorbing work is fantastical and imaginative.

8. Marian Newman @mariannewman

She is queen of nail art and her work has taken her on a fashion journey that is a veritable who's who of talon tip trends. Her imagination knows no bounds and her Instagram really explores her process with revealing honesty.

9. Georgie Hobday @georgiehobday

I am obsessed with this girls face! She's a model, she also works at Ponystep mag. Her instagram is chocablock with back stage moments at shoots, her personal life and quirky images she likes to reflect on.

10. John Maybury @johnfmaybury

Filmmaker and artist John Maybury fills his Instagram with imagery that takes on the quality of a film still. I suspect many of his Instagram images are exactly this as they really do have a sense of transiency attached to them.



Text Princess Julia