new serpentine pavilion architects announced

Spanish architects SelgasCano have been awarded the 15th annual pavilion commission.

by Felix Petty
04 December 2014, 4:25pm

2015 will mark the 15th year of The Serpentine Gallery's summer pavilion, and Spanish post-modernists SelgasCano have been announced as next year's designers. The pavilion will be the husband and wife duo's first UK structure and the first Spanish architects to be chosen for the commission.

Specialising in spaces that mix the natural and the built, and using revolutionary technologies that are often yet to be incorporated into architecture, their buildings are often playful floating shapes.

They have described their pavilion as being "transparent" and a combination between "garden and London", and promising to reference the Serpentine's central location, as well as its place in the middle of Hyde Park. Serpentine co-director Hans Ulrich Obrist has described them as "perfect choice to celebrate the Pavilion's 15th anniversary."


Image © Hisao Suzuki

Hans Ulrich Obrist
serpentine pavillion