hari nef and petra collins join transparent

Instagram has given us some hints about what to expect from the second season of Amazon's smash original series.

by i-D Staff, Isabelle Hellyer, and i-D Team
13 July 2015, 11:40am

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Depicting the story of one family's journey following their father's coming out as a trans woman, Amazon's original series Transparent emerged as one of 2014's best television shows. Arrested Development's Jeffery Tambour led the ensemble cast as Maura (formerly Mort) Pfefferman, backed by Girls' Gaby Hoffmann, Jay Duplass and Amy Landecker as her three children. It's no surprise the honest, funny show was a hit (it even counts the Kardashians as fans.) 

Recently, creator Jill Soloway and star Petra Collins shared some images that reveal a little about what might go down in season two. It looks like trans actress Hari Nef will join the cast, and cuties Kiersey Clemons (of Dope fame) and Cherry Glazerr's Clem Creevy will join a band called Fussy Puss with Petra. We can hardly wait for the second season's release! 

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via @jillsoloway


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