premiere: david bowie - fashion (desert sound colony cover)

i-D Staff

i-D Staff

Press play on this reimagining of the Bowie classic and shout it while you're dancing on the whole dance floor.

The mysterious Desert Sound Colony first caught our ear when he popped up on on Brooklyn based Francis Harris and Anthony Collins' imprint Scissor & Thread label in 2014 with his low slung psychedelic and hypnotic instrumentation. Now, he takes on one of the most iconic David Bowie tracks and carries is out in impeccable style. Reverb-laden and oh so rich, delve into Desert Sound Colony of Fashion.

"Fashion was one of those tracks that really stood out to me when I was a kid listening to CDs in my parents car on the way to school. I remember being so taken with the groove and staccato use of Bowies voice. I think it is timeless and the original still kills it on the dance floor. I dare anyone to not get up and dance when it comes on. I chose to cover it because I wanted to show off another side to the project and create something that would really get the dance floor moving." Desert Sound Colony.