busted: willow smith and the shirt that broke the internet

Why is everyone flipping out about the youngest Smith’s (spot-on) wardrobe choices?

by Emily Manning
23 January 2015, 5:10pm

Image via @gweelos

On Wednesday, 14-year-old singer and hair whipping champion Willow Smith posted an adorable snap of her bad self flexin' in a vintage Jean-Paul Gaultier top scooped at VFILES. Harmless enough, right? Not a shot. Willow felt the full wrath of the internet's body police, as the top in question features a marble bust's pair of knockers. Spammed by a chorus of puritanical trolls echoing "she's too young for this," Smith quickly deleted the post from her own account (although she's left it as her profile photo, the legend).

This completely harmless "scandal" comes in the wake of a heightened cultural awareness about the representations of women's bodies. It's fine when models breeze down the runway in totally transparent tops, or when some frat bro rocks a similarly busty graphic tee from Urban Outfitters, but when a fully-clothed teen chic-ly shouts out #FreeTheNipple, we're suddenly afraid of a big bad boob. In Willow's own words: "Don't let haters keep me off my grind/ Keep my head up and I know I'll be fine." Amen.


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Image via @gweelos

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