​Photography Johnny Fonseca

premiere: jacob banks ft. avelino: monster

Press play on this foot-stomping, fist-pumping, independent release from Jacob Banks.

by i-D Staff
02 July 2015, 12:07am

​Photography Johnny Fonseca

With his baritone of butter, Jacob Banks could be seen as a successor to any of the 60s and 70s soul greats. But Banks' independently released music carries a different message for a different time. Currently unsigned, the Birmingham singer created his new EP, Paradox, entirely by himself - from mixing and mastering to designing the artwork. "I've put my heart on the line," Banks points out of the 7-track compilation of soul-searching songs that scale resentment and redemption. Taken from Paradox, the foot-stomping, fist-pumping Monster, produced by Show N Prove and Banks, is a passionate recourse aimed at the enemy - both external and within. "This song was born out of a lot anger," says Jacob. "I wrote it in my bathroom - proper rock and roll! I'm going through life at a very fast pace and I'm learning a lot of things the hard way. One of the things I've learnt is that as much as I don't like it, sometimes you have to become a monster to get what you want and I may well have to become the miracle I'm searching for."


Photography Johnny Fonseca

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