the scenes where women win in mad men

Ahead of tonight’s premiere of the last season of Mad Men, we count down the scenes where women won.

by Sarah Raphael
10 April 2015, 12:37am

Question 4 of an offensive 7 in the quiz Which of Don Draper's Women Are You? asks: "Don's hungry. What do you do?" Option A is "Let him order for you"; B is "Whip up his favourite dish from Little Italy". Feminism is all about choice ladies! While the chauvinistic horrors of Don Draper and friends let rip in the early episodes of Mad Men - cue ladies lipstick seminars and use of the phrase "basket of kisses" - as the series went on, Joan, Peggy, Betty, Megan and Trudy started to fight back, performing various kung fu moves including subtle manipulation, reverse psychology and minor bodily harm on their husbands and bosses.

As the 60s began to swing in Series 2 and 3, America's sexual revolution and the second wave of feminism started to take effect. The persistently patronised, consistently condescended women of Mad Men got mad. And God saw that it was good. Tonight, we'll be hearing that sinister opening score on our screens once more, composed as you may have noticed, by someone with the surname Carbonara. In anticipation of Season 7 Part II, where we hope to see full blown matriarchy, here's a list of the scenes where women win in Mad Men. They so beautifully demonstrate the rainbow of skills that angry women possess.

Megan's Sherbet Binge Take Down
Please skip to the 4.00 minute mark where Don's season 6 wife Megan shovels orange sherbet in a very well made point.

Joan Nuts Greg
The accordion bit at the beginning of this clip is weird, and settles the debate once and for all that an accordion is not a sexy instrument. The second part is genius.

Betty Shoots Pigeons (also known as men)
In Season 1 Betty Draper's life is quite lame. She's constantly cooking in headbands, getting cheated on and tapping her nails waiting for Don to get home and offend her. Which makes this scene, where she shoots like Rambo, all the more thrilling. Her neighbour can't believe it!

Jane's Touché
Standing like a 60s Kim and Kanye in this scene from Season 6 is Roger Sterling and his pretty wife Jane. Though Megan is taking centre stage here, the sub-plot of Roger and Jane is wickedly entertaining. It comes to a crux in the last few seconds of the scene when Roger says (about Megan) "Why don't you sing like that?" and Jane replies with a pleasant smile (about Don), "Why don't you look like him?"

Peggy's No
There are dozens of scenes in which Peggy Olson triumphs. The one where she gets the big office; the one where she sits in Don's chair; the one where she bribes Roger out of $400. Her general success and power as a woman in a man's world make her shine, and it's not because those scenes are surprisingly hard to find on YouTube that we've gone with this one. It's short, sweet and Sasha fierce.

Trudy's One Line War
"If you so much as open your fly to urinate, I will destroy you", must be up there with the greatest things a woman has ever said to a fake-balding man

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