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A killer weekend for music videos, the past few days have brought us four new audio visual treats from no less than six of our favourite artists, with Kendrick and Rihanna linking up on Loyalty, Future and Nicki on You Da Baddest, Mahershala Ali and...

by Charlotte Gush
01 August 2017, 1:25am

Kendrick Lamar, Loyalty ft Rihanna
Trigger warning for those traumatised by the Goosebumps TV show intro -- Kendrick's new clip starts with the eerily glowing eyes of a dog, and gets weirder from there. K-Dot appears blindfolded in a room full of lingerie-clad women, before presiding over some pretty trippy melting tarmac, getting into a fight over Rihanna (who appears at a car window, laced up in whites and dripping with ice), before they get up to some crazy daredevil shit.

Future, You Da Baddest ft Nicki Minaj
This video is basically about how distractingly good Nicki Minaj looks in lingerie. And she really does, in both a matching red look with a visor and lace-up thigh-high boots (that Future mirrors with his belt and trainers), and a diamond-encrusted carnival-bikini look with sparking cage boots. It's also about Nicki being the baddest bitch, and includes the immortal line, "Pussy got more murders than New Mexico". So that's nice.

JAY-Z, Adnis
Presumed to be an alternative spelling of Jay's dad's name, Adnes Reeves, the track Adnis was previewed before 4:44 dropped and first appeared on the physical release as a bonus track. "Letter to my dad that I never wrote / Speeches I prepared that I never spoke," the track opens, referencing the things Jay planned to say to his father, who abandoned him when he was 11 years old. Mahershala Ali is in boxing training as the protagonist of the track, with Danny Glover fading in and out as the father figure Jay addresses in the song.

Jaden Smith, Watch Me
It's as if Jaden Smith knew we needed more infrared Cali goodness after gazing upon the stunning images of Palm Springs shot in infrared by photographer Kate Ballis shared by our pals over at Amuse. For his punk-rock inflected new track Watch Me, from upcoming debut album SYRE, Jaden appears amid colourised Joshua Trees in a leather jacket that says 'FUCK OFF!" on the back, singing about how awesome he is at skateboarding and dancing. As the YouTube caption explains, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised But It Will Be Broadcasted".


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