watch björk transforming into a surreal rave jellyfish for notget

Having embodied a flaming, glittering sea creature in the initial VR version of the video, Björk and James Merry have concocted even more fantastical animal personas in this second visual.

07 June 2017, 10:06am

Why have one music video when you can have two? Following on from the release -- first at Iceland Airwaves festival in Reykjavik in November 2016 and then online this April -- of the spectacular VR video for emotional Vulnicura track Notget, Björk has blessed us with a second visual fantasy.

Directed again by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones, and with masks and shared creative direction from the brilliant James Merry, we find Björk in a fantastical animal queendom once more. Appearing as a dark moth biding its time amongst the black undulating walls of a somewhat bodily cave, she also appears as a sea creature with pulsing facial coral and then transforms into a rave-ready jelly fish, as you probably will too. 

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Text Charlotte Gush