an anna wintour tv drama is coming

It’s called All That Glitters, and will chart the rivalries, squabbles and glories of Anna Wintour.

by Felix Petty
16 May 2017, 10:49am

All That Glitters — based on Thomas Maier's 1994 biography of Condé Nast's owner Si Newhousewill turn the life and times of Anna Wintour in a TV drama for the first time.

Announced on Monday for US network Bravo, details are still scarce, but according to a press release, the series will explore the relationship and rivalry between Wintour and Tina Brown, editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, and the way two women rose to the top of Condé Nast, and the male dominated media industry.

The series will focus on the way "they each find new paths to change the world around them — Tina through the intersection of high culture and celebrity, and Anna with an instinct for high fashion and emerging talent."

The rivalry between Wintour and Brown stretches back to both of their fathers, who also worked in the media, in the UK, and apparently also weren't big fans of one another.

Tina Brown also took Anna's hiring at HG — her first job at Conde Nast — badly, thinking she badly copied what she was doing at Vanity Fair, and seeing her as a rival in the media empire of Si Newhouse, as both came from similar backgrounds. After leaving The New Yorker, Tina Brown also commissioned investigative reports into Anna Wintour's boyfriend, Shelby Bryan, accusing him of womanising. Neither has spoken on the record about the feud however. 

The real question, of course, is will anyone be able to top Meryl Streep's not-quite-that-thinly-veiled portrayal of Wintour in The Devil Wear's Prada?

Thomas Maier also wrote Masters of Sex, which was adapted into a successful TV series, and All That Glitters will be brought to life by a team who between them have worked on The Walking Dead, Terminator, Roots and Planet of the Apes. There is no word yet on casting, or release dates. 

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