​glacier gigs, lagoon parties, and radiohead announced for secret solstice 2016

If the sun never sets, does the party ever really end?

by Francesca Dunn
29 January 2016, 12:29pm

Trust us when we tell you that Iceland is one of the best places we've ever been. Not only is it completely stunning, very peaceful, and the home of Bjork, but every midsummer they have a full 72 hours of daylight. That's right, the sun won't set for the entirety of Secret Solstice and thus festivalgoers need never leave their glacier gigs or lagoon parties. What time is it? What does it even matter? With Radiohead headlining (their first journey to the land of ice) and support from the likes of Kelela, Afrika Bambaata, Action Bronson and Goldie, the Reykjavik festival looks to be a mixed bag of awesome and comes topped off with midnight sun boat parties and an impressive line-up of Icelandic acts ft. i-D favourites Úlfur Úlfur and Ammsje Gauti.

Secret Solstice runs 17th-19th June. Tickets on sale now. 

Secret Solstice 2016
Secret Solstice