the soundtrack to your weekend ft. babeheaven, lemon twigs and nice as fuck

Press play on the ten new releases we can't get enough of.

by i-D Staff
12 August 2016, 10:20pm


Nice As Fuck, Guns

They're nice as fuck and wish you good luck. As Father John Misty recently put it, the Jenny Lewis fronted supergroup (the band also features Erika Forster and Tennessee Thomas) are "objectively the best all-female band in the last 25 years (like that should even matter, you know, do you describe RADIOHEAD as an "ALL OPPRESSOR BAND NO YOU DON'T")". Watch through to the group's theme song at the end.

Forth Wanderers, Slop

"I know I'm weird, I've been told…" cry out the Lorde-approved New Jersey teens, much to our delight, because same. Frontwoman Ava just turned 18 so she absolutely means it when she sings that she can't think straight/stay awake/loves too much. Taken from their forthcoming Marathon Artists-signed EP of the same name, Slop is crying out to soundtrack a high school movie.

Belle and Sebastian, Olympic Village, 6AM

Stars of track and field Belle and Sebastian pay tribute to this year's Olympic Games with this homage to vintage sports coverage. "Belle and Sebastian dig the Olympics, love the Olympic ideal, love that the world gets together for a big 'sports day' once every four years," says the band. "We can't be part of it, though we'd like to be." There's always 2020, guys.

Phlake, Moldavia

This Danish duo released their debut LP Slush Hours a couple of months back and are currently killing the game back home, with new single Moldavia slaying like a less sexy The Weeknd. In anticipation of their debut London show at Koko in September, make ours a '99 with a Phlake!

Babeheaven, Moving On

Beautiful trip-hop and great artwork from the West London band that makes Moving On feel not just easy but completely euphoric. Oh, Nancy... your voice has had us floating through the week on a high.

Young Karin, True Believer

Trust us when we tell you that Iceland has a seriously great music scene (stay tuned on for more of that). Obsessed with these guys since last summer's Bones, we were pleased to learn that they've just emerged from the studio with a brand new III EP. Written and produced by Logi Pedro (also of Sturla Atlas), this track is our favourite.

The Wytches, C-side

Bad Seeds drummer Jim Sclavunos lends a weighty production to the first single to be taken from Brighton noiseniks The Wytches' upcoming second album All Your Happy Life. Oh, we do like to be beside the C-side (especially when it sounds this good).

Massive Attack, The Spoils

Bristolian trip-hoppers continue current video winning streak with this John Hillcoat directed clip for Hope Sandoval featuring The Spoils: Cate Blanchett transforming into a stone statue that's more Art Attack than Massive Attack.

The Lemon Twigs, These Words

New York two-piece cement their place as i-D's favourite band of the moment with a video that sees brothers Brian and Michael D'Addario take the Baroque Goes Glam sound of forthcoming album The Lemon Twigs Do Hollywood to the swashbuckling, tea-sipping Nth degree.


Text Francesca Dunn and Matthew Whitehouse
Photography Alasdair McLellan

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