music week respond to criticism of glaringly white 30 under 30 list

After an initial ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the industry magazine has now published the missing ‘30 More Under 30’, penned by DJ Semtex originally for Nation Of Billions.

18 March 2016, 6:35pm

It is literally inconceivable that someone working for a magazine that claims to represent the UK music industry in 2016 could publish a list of the most exciting young names in the business and accept that only 2 out of 30 of them are not white. And yet that is exactly what happened with Music Week's 30 under 30 list, recognising young people described as the "future of the music biz".

Of course, when the Music Week cover showing the 30 under 30 in a grid of images got out on social media, people were quick to point out exactly what was wrong with that picture, but the publication shrugged it off, with the editor Mark Sutherland (no points for guessing that he is an old white man) writing in a frankly embarrassing letter that, "The lack of diversity on the list may reflect a wider lack of diversity in the industry itself," and trying to buy people off with the fact the list was balanced in binary genders.

Fortunately for Mark, music culture site Nation Of Billions allowed them to republish a list of 30 More Under 30 by 1Xtra's DJ Semtex, which includes a range of glaring omissions including Stormzy's manager Tobe Onwuka, Beats1 DJ Julie Adenuga and SBTV founder Jamal Edwards among many more talented young music figures. Check out the full list here.


Text Charlotte Gush
Photography compilation via Nation of Billions