someone just bought julian assange's old shirt for art's sake

A bunch of artists just sold their personal effects in this weird auction.

by i-D Staff
15 December 2015, 11:00am

Vivienne Westwood, Auriel Schmidt, Julian Assange and a bunch of other activists/activists put their work/personal belongings up for auction today. Auctioneers Hasbeens & Willbees, alongside Mount Gay Rum, threw a little party-cum-auction in New York where they flogged items like an 'art deco prosciutto holder', a 'Colby Keller's Branding Iron' and custom Vivienne Westwood anti-fracking threads plus a 'protest kit'. Also up for grabs: the blue shirt Julian Assange wore during his now infamous speech at the Ecuadorian embassy. 

The auction was framed as a response to a consumer Christmas, shifting the focus away from cheap gifts and back onto items with immense cultural significance. Peek through the auction here, it feels like sneaking into somebody's bedroom during a party.

Vivienne Westwood
Julian Assange