vince staples, kali uchis, the internet all on one track? yes please

This is one of those tunes best enjoyed in a hammock, with a cold drink in your hand.

by Isabelle Hellyer
05 April 2016, 5:35am

Photography Bella Howard

There's only one girl for me, croons Steve Lacy (of The Internet) in an effort to win Kali over in the aptly titled Only Girl. Vince Staples briefly rolls into the tune too, turning the simple duet into something of a triple headliner. Kali's latest is an ideal soundtrack for the commute to work-especially if you need to override that crowded-train vibe.

Kali's steady stream of solid releases, like this one, have kept her on our collective radar since 2014. Her circle of respected friends-Tyler, the Creator, A$AP Rocky-doesn't hurt either. When you throw in her considered, cohesive aesthetic Kali's really primed for stardom. All she needs is the track to shoot her into the stratosphere: a can't-get-it-out of your head, top 40 charter. Only Girl isn't it, but that's the point. This track is sweet, softer chiller, and that's how she likes it.

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Kali's not about radio hits. Towards the middle of last year, she told Noisey "I could be much bigger right now if I wanted what the labels wanted and what people wanted me to be. Making pop and getting my hit single, but I couldn't be bothered." And it fair enough; not everything can be a turn up track. Kali's probably satisfied making lazy Sunday tunes best enjoyed in a hammock. We are too.


Photography Bella Howard for Noisey
Styling Kylie Griffiths

Vince Staples
the internet
Kali Uchis