gucci invites you on a dreamy tokyo road trip for their autumn/winter 16 campaign

With Petra Collins behind-the-wheel, soak up the bright lights of the Japanese capital with Yan Kumra, Lia Pavlova, and Mae Lapres.

by Wendy Syfret
01 July 2016, 7:56am

For their autumn/winter 16 campaign, Gucci have sent their gang of beautiful people on a road trip with photographer Glen Luchford and fresh from making her catwalk debut in February, their latest muse Petra Collins cast as the designated driver of your dreams. She slips behind the wheel of the glittering Gucci bus (swoon) to motor her pals around Tokyo. In tow are Sofia Friesen, Lia Pavlova, Polina Oganicheva, Mae Lapres, Jack Chambers, Christopher Paskowski, Joep Van de Sande and Yan Kumra. All hair, glasses and perfect jumbled layers they give the previous Berlin based Gucci gang some serious competition in the style stakes.

The film is dosed in Lost in Translation vibes, as the friends navigate the city's delights at night, holding onto each other for emotional and physical support. They blow bubbles, win big at Pachinko and prove that more is always more.

The brand apparently wanted to take things in a more natural direction this time around, in contrast to the hedonistic abandon of Berlin for spring/summer 2016. Of course "natural" to creative director Alessandro Michele means a chaotic night out in the most populated city on earth. The frenzied energy is undercut by the Black Marble's 2012 doom synth track Pretender and the Karaoke style subtitles that offer bites like "I don't believe in chance". The result is a mix of joy, beauty, melancholy and love that would make Sofia Coppola proud.



Text Wendy Syfret
Images via Gucci

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