rihanna latest 'anti' music video is short, but oh so sweet

Watch Rihanna, alone, run full speed into a crowd of hundreds of French fans in 'Goodnight Gotham.'

by Isabelle Hellyer
04 August 2016, 1:20am

Goodnight Gotham, the ANTI bonus track and total fan favourite, just got a powerful music video. If the tune sounds familiar it's because a slightly different version soundtracked Rihanna's incredible 2015 Dior campaign videoRihanna, funnily enough, doesn't actually sing a single word on the track — it's crafted entirely from a sample of Florence and the Machine's Only if for a Night. Nothing says superstar like the ability to release a song you don't actually feature on. 

Running under a minute, the clip packs a lot in: Rihanna barrels full speed into a crowd of French fans, literally leaping into their arms. But commenters are already begging for a longer version of the tune. While it was never a full song, a few months ago producer Mitus Tweeted (since deleted) that he might release an extended demo. Let's hope the renewed Gotham hype reminds him the Navy is waiting.

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