​christmas with matty bovan

To celebrate the advent of the festive season, we asked i-D's family and friends to share their most cherished Christmas memories, reflect on whether they’ve been naughty or nice, and tell us their New Year’s resolutions for 2017.

by i-D Staff
04 December 2016, 9:18pm

With his bubble-gum baby curls and chiselled cheeks (usually adorned with some kind of holographic rainbow glitter), Matty Bovan is an ethereal creature from out this world. Born amidst the dreamy spires of York, Matty spent his childhood dying fabric and cutting up clothes with his mum. There was no doubt about it, when he grew up Matty was going to be a designer, and sure enough he is. After completing his knitwear MA at CSM -- his cacophony of sculptural knits and handmade adornments won him both the L'Oreal Professionnel Creative Award and the LVMH Graduate Prize 2015 -- Matty went on to launch his eponymous label, making his London Fashion Week debut this season, as part of Fashion East. 2016 has been a very good year for young Matty.

Happy Christmas, Matty! What's going on in your photo then?
Hmmm I can't remember why this happened, but I'm in my school uniform and looking unhappy, and I'm guessing that this was taken by my mum to use up a film or something. Way before digital cameras!

Have you been naughty or nice this year?
Naughty nice.

What's on your Christmas list?
Would be nice to have something positive in the world, something to give us a bit more hope politically and economically. I guess that's on most people's lists.

How will you be spending Christmas day?
With family and, more than likely, working on things too.

What's your favourite Christmas song of all time?
Mariah Carey All I want for Christmas.

Who do you want to kiss under the mistletoe?
That's a secret.

What're the worst Christmas present you ever received?
I've had quite a few. I once gave a gift of leather gloves that were too big straight to someone else in my family that I'd just received on the same day, which kinda worked.

What were your 2016 highlights?
Showing at fashion week and working on some great new projects, as well as being able to work with all my friends is the best!

How will you usher in the New Year?
Very drunk I hope.

What are your New Year's resolutions?
Have even stronger opinions and a voice.

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