join danger inc. for an awful records house party

Watch the video for 'Atlanta Neighborhood' and follow Brandon EatHumans’s lens behind the scenes.

by Frankie Dunn
12 April 2017, 1:25pm

As we told you a couple months back, Louie Duffelbags and Boothlord — AKA Danger Incorporated — are the young Atlanta talents who recently signed to Awful Records. We shared the self-directed, self-produced video for "BODY." Shot entirely on an iPhone 7, the visual transports its viewers to a nighttime beach with a great soundtrack. 

Today, Danger Inc. is back with "Atlanta Neighborhood," also taken from the pairs World Wide Web EP.  The accompanying video — directed by NYU film student Ben Searles — features the dynamic duo on their was to a party they threw with the Awful crew.

Look out for Ethereal, Lord Narf, Slug Christ, and Father having a good time, while Louie and Boothlord cruise through the streets hanging out of cars, lighting up, and handling a great selection of dogs. All the while, Awful label photographer Brandon EatHumans snapped away and ended up with this lovely monochrome lot. This ain't what it's like to be in real life, this is Danger Inc.

Louie: Disregarding the internet, Danger has only really existed in Atlanta and while we hope to expand far beyond Atlanta, I've become the person I am because of this city, no doubt.
Boothlord: No doubt, and so the video HAD to be just that: the Atlanta neighborhoods that created the vibe, that supported it. But the shoot didn't go as expected.
Louie: Truly.
Boothlord: So many kids had pulled up to the function we couldn't even get in! Police were called as soon as we pulled up.
Louie: So we just had to turn up outside, dance on the whip, before police shut it all down. Apparently whoever lived at the apartment had their lease cancelled, but idk, I mean we never even made it up there it was too deep!


Text Frankie Dunn
Photography Brandon EatHumans

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