daily horoscopes: march 14, 2019

How to still do big things during this Mercury Retrograde.

by Jaliessa Sipress
14 March 2019, 2:36pm

Today is the day to act on your great ideas.

Read the horoscopes for your rising, Sun, and Moon signs to see how to do this while still honoring the “rules” of Mercury Retrograde.

(Feb.19-March 20)

Your ideas may struggle to gain traction if they don’t connect to other concepts people know and love. Whatever you’ve been cooking up, lately, do some thinking on how you can “connect the dots” on how what you want to say relates to what has already been said and embraced. It’s not about “agreement” or sounding the same in order to resonate, it’s about knowing the context of your voice, so you can use it with less effort, more successfully.

(March 21-April 19)

All of your success is dependent upon your confidence in yourself. If you are struggling with issues of self-worth or self-love, right now, this should come first before trying to “make” anything happen in the world around you. The world responds to your energy. Prioritize feeling good about yourself and therefore confident in all you create, so that all of the worldly manifestations of your investments reflect this deep love and stability back to you.

(April 20-May 20)

You are being asked to steady yourself, Taurus. Take a look at your life and see what you have been giving too much of your attention. Did you even recognize that you’re a little off-balance? Your job, right now, is to root back down into what has always made you feel strong, worthy, and secure. If those things are changing, acknowledge that and give yourself a small adjustment period before trying to build anything on top of your shifting foundation.

(May 21-June 21)

Your planet’s retrograde is begging you to slow down. When you write your to-do lists, take one thing off of them before you start. Take a day to think before you respond or say “yes” to something, check in with your body more often than your “goals,” at this time. Yes, the potential for your success is high, but what you’re meant to do will find you, and not while you rush around looking. Take things a day, an hour, a moment at a time. Invest in the present and things will fall into place much faster than you know.

(June 22-July 22)

It’s time for you to think bigger, Cancer. Addressing the issues that affect you directly is the perfect place to start, but how can you do this in a way that connects your story to others, and uplifts the people you care about most? The bigger and more connected your ideas are to your passion for helping others and creating systems that are useful outside of just the personal, the more success you will have, right now.

(July 23-Aug. 22)

Your “shadows” are your greatest strength, now. The things you feel scared to reveal are things lots of other humans can identify with. Being vulnerable is difficult, and requires lots of strength and trust, but if you want to push into a new space in your life and connections, this process of honesty and rawness is necessary. Try to share one thing you find scary publicly, today. Allow other people to witness you and take note of how it feels in your body to release this kind of information. This is the beginning of something big.

(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Be in the practice of really listening and learning, today. Sink into the fact that the people who confide in you trust you and value you and your perspective, and that the people willing to teach were once where you are now. Notice how your body, mind and spirit receive information and how the process of learning something new opens you up. Ask more questions than usual, and without need for a specific answer. This exploration will supercharge your growth in a way nothing else can.

(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

The magic, for you, is in the details, now. There may be some kind of opportunity to expand, collaborate, or otherwise advance that is right in front of you, but that you have been overlooking. Allow yourself some time to filter through your life, resources, and relationships. See where you may have missed a chance at transforming something you already do or are into something you can offer as a service or make into a collaboration or otherwise project. Be willing to entertain all possibilities, but still don’t make any promises without making sure it’s the right move at the right time, for you.

(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

The key to success today is to really get in touch with your passion. What ignites a fire in you and makes you want to move and act? What kinds of people and situations foster the right conditions for you to be able to express yourself? You know your feelings and what you want and are willing to give very well, but to others your level of engagement and interest may be a mystery. Try your best to be vocal about how you feel and intentionally put yourself in situations that bring a more impassioned side of you to the forefront, and run with it.

(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

It’s a good day to put yourself out there. Be on the lookout for opportunities for you to connect with others over who you are and what you have to offer. If you keep looking in the same places for recognition and support, you will keep finding the same things. Be willing to branch out and make suggestions as to ways that you can support and be a part of new and exciting projects and events. Make a list of the kinds of things you want to be doing and people you want to meet and be open to meeting and finding them in any circumstance.

(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Today is all about brainstorming and getting lost in the possibilities. Do your best to have fun, get creative and entertain ideas that you wouldn’t usually. You’ve seen the results of the way you’ve always done things. Right now, let yourself become a kid again and give legs to your wildest fantasies. If anyone can find a way to make the “impossible” possible, it is you, Capricorn. Believe in yourself and let your imagination run things, if only for an hour.

(Jan. 20-Feb.18)

The secret to doing good work in the world is to be doing the necessary decompressing and processing at home. Avoid doing things that just serve to distract you and numb your mind in your downtime, or at least balance them with things that actively nourish you. Things like meal prepping, baths, showers, vitamin-taking, house-cleaning, journaling, stretching, etc, will help to keep your home, and the home that is your body, equipped to handle any and all success or trouble that may arise, now.