meet new york city's nonconformists

Photographer Ari Marcopoulos teams up with stylist and former Supreme brand director Angelo Baque to shoot the kids breaking the rules.

by i-D Team
11 May 2018, 7:30am

This article originally appeared in i-D's The New Fashion Rebels Issue, no. 352, Summer 2018.

“New York is a toxic jungle. There is a synthetic water well we rely on within which walking trees and wastelands purify. The city could kill me one day!” — Priscilla Jeong

“Summer days are loud. Drinking on the steps. Music being played out the windows. Nutcrackers drinking on Coney Island boardwalk. Warehouse parties, old Max Fish, Club Exit and Johnny Pumps in the summer.” — Matthew Rodriguez

“I came to New York knowing nobody and for the most part don't have much family. But Downtown New York has always been there for me.” — Nick Hadad

“There’s a kinship in being from New York. It means a lot of things but for me it’s about being flavorful and unapologetic. It’s respecting what came before you and trying to create something that will leave a mark when you’re gone.“ — Siobhan Boyle

“In New York I can tap into different mediums and continue to keep finding new ways to forge my own lane within my industry.“ -- Luisa Popovic

“NYC made me passionate about getting fly everyday. It gave me the hustle and drive to wanna succeed at everything I do, and gave me confidence that I can make it anywhere in this world cause I can survive here.“ — Malachi Spivey

“I was homeless for a while, but New York lead me to some of my best friends and memories. You never know what's going to happen next. This city builds you up and only you can bring yourself down.“ — Vincent Guerrero

“I love how often I see things I’ve never seen before and how little effort it takes to be inspired by the city, no matter what you do.“ — Zacharias Izatti

“New York City is the land of opportunity. You can work towards anything you desire and succeed as long as your intentions are true.“ — Victor Vegas

“I love that because of the way the city is set up, almost everything is communal space- from the subway to the streets. You are forced to see and interact with people nothing like you.“ — Adele Thibodeaux


Photography Ari Marcopoulos
Art direction Angelo Baque
Casting Raul Lopez
Models Priscilla Jeong. Matthew Rodriguez. Nick Hadad. Siobhan Boyle. Luisa Popovic. Malachai Spivey. Vincent Guerrero. Ashley Assin. Zacharias Izatti. Victor Vegas. Adele Thibodeaux. Tajee Harris. Mahi Montana.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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