asos announces new youth-focussed fashion line, collusion

Created by a collective of six young designers, models, artists, and influencers, Collusion is designed by Gen Z, for Gen Z.

by Felix Petty
06 September 2018, 1:40pm


Asos are launching a new fashion line this October, designed by a collective of six young designers, models, artists, and influencers. Called Collusion, it’s inspired by youth, creativity, and collaboration. A coming-of-age fashion story, the brand’s launch will include a UK-wide youth census of 100 18-year-olds from London to Glasgow, Brighton to Birmingham responding to a simple question: “What do you wish for, in the year you come of age?” The project has been led by photographer Tom Sloan and filmmaker Dan Emmerson.

As yet, there are few details on the clothes themselves, and the six designer/consultants haven’t been revealed. All we know so far is that their brief was to create an “authentic, vibrant wardrobe that speaks directly to themselves and their Gen Z peers.” Which of course means everything will be sustainable and animal-free and unisex. If the kids want it, they’ll get it.

More info in October when we get it. Until then you can start following their Instagram if you fancy it.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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