someone peeled a potato at liam gallagher’s gig last night

Stay with us, we’ve managed to knock out 300 words on this.

by Matthew Whitehouse
08 November 2017, 1:33pm

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Someone peeled a potato at Liam Gallagher's gig in Bethnal Green last night. We were there. We saw it. Smuggled in beneath the sideburns of a Paul Weller feather cut, it was produced during As You Were album track Greedy Soul to ecstatic cries of "Liam, Liam". A peeler was pulled from a fishtail parka. The crowd roared "potato". Spud-induced mayhem ensued. "Proper out there gear that," Liam proclaimed proudly.

Of course, the former Oasis man has a long and rich history with the tuberous crop. He first used the word to describe his brother and former bandmate, Noel Gallagher, tweeting a picture of him alongside the caption "Potato" on 24 May 2016. This was followed with another tweet, alongside the words "Pouting potato" on 29 June.

The most recent iteration of the argument however dates back to Noel's latest appearance on Later… With Jools Holland in which a French woman in a cape played a pair of scissors. "You got anyone on the scissors tonight kid?" tweeted @MainlyOasis the following day. "Im afraid not but I do have somebody sharpening a pencil it sounds mega with a bit of reverb on it proper out there gear," replied Liam in response. "You got anybody playing the scissor?" tweeted @IndieMasterplan a little later. "I'm afraid not but I do have somebody sticking stickers in a book sounds mega with a bit of reverb on we'll out there gear," he returned.

The potato, it seems, came in response to this request on Liam's twitter feed yesterday afternoon:

But whatever the reason, readers, we suggest you keep your eyes peeled for further developments in the coming weeks -- by the looks of things, this is only the starch [alright, that's enough -- Potato Pun Ed].

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