Photography Soraya Zaman 

what does it mean to embrace your uniqueness and be free from society’s beauty ideals?

We invited six young photographers from around the world to respond to what authenticity, individuality and self-expression mean to them.

by i-D Magazine
03 January 2019, 8:00am

Photography Soraya Zaman 

This article originally appeared in i-D's The Superstar Issue, no. 354, Winter 2018

camila falcao
camila falcao

“These are portraits of trans women in Brazil, who live and fight for their rights in the country that kills the most transgender people in the world.” Photography Camila Falcão

photographer bex day

“Most people feel uncomfortable about what makes them different because society imposes what is ‘beautiful’ on us. It’s important to break those ideals down and challenge them.” Photography Bex Day


“Beauty is a value of the time we live in. It can be changed.” Photography Mayumi Hosokura

soraya zaman
soraya zaman
two women holding one another by soraya zaman

“2018 is the year we began to collectively move towards reinterpreting what true beauty is. By consciously centring and celebrating those who are marginalised and misunderstood, we are forging visibility that is inclusive, authentic, meaningful, and that is ultimately beautiful.” Photography Soraya Zaman

Epidermis by sophie harris taylor

“Nothing is more attractive to me than accepting and being comfortable in the vulnerability of your own skin. You shouldn’t have to feel that you’re hiding behind a mask.” Photography Sophie Harris Taylor

sophie harris taylor

“I’ve always shied away from any form of self-portraiture, lacking confidence in front of the camera. In this image I couldn’t look less conventionally attractive, but this was probably the most beautiful moment in my life.” Photography Sophie Harris Taylor

lotte van raalte photographer

“The changes you goes through when developing into a young adult really intrigue me. It’s such an intense period. How you dress, what you do, your dreams and behaviours, how do you see others and how do you see yourself. ” Photography Lotte van Raalte

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

bex day
lotte van raalte
sophie harris-taylor
mayumi hosokura
Camila Falcão
soraya zaman