celine dion has been accused of satanism over her gender neutral clothing line

A US exorcist has implored the Canadian hitmaker to think twice about her latest range.

by Matthew Whitehouse
29 November 2018, 11:39am

Celine Dion has been accused of promoting satanism following the launch of her gender neutral clothing line for children.

As reported on i-D last week, the Canadian hitmaker is launching a gender-neutral line called CELINUNUNU. However, in an interview with the National Catholic Register, a US priest has since accused the singer of demonic intent, describing the collection of casual T-shirts, leggings and sweatshirts as “definitely satanic.”

“I’m convinced that the way this gender thing has spread is demonic,” said Msgr. John Esseff, a priest and exorcist in the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania. “It’s false. I don’t even know how many genders there’s supposed to be now, but there are only two that God made.”

The article also accuses Dion of hiding occult iconography in the clothing itself (“one pair of sweatpants has a number 3 on one knee and a 6 on the other. Three 6’s?”), suggesting that the range is not only “disturbing” but also “hideously ugly.”

“Who would pay $77 for a baby blanket with skulls or $161 for a jacket that looks like a trash bag?” asks the article’s author Patti Armstrong, a statement that suggests she is seemingly unfamiliar with the work of Demna Gvasalia.

While Dion is yet to comment on the whole fiasco, she has previously said that the line was intended to enable “younger people to grow on values of equality with the freedom to strengthen their own power of personality based on mutual respect.”

Which sounds a lot more reasonable than an evil spirit attempting to manipulate children through a range of casual, unisex leggings but there you go.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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