it’s almost too hot to function, so here’s a playlist of sweaty songs

I need that (uh) to get me off, sweating ‘til my clothes come off.

by Frankie Dunn
21 June 2017, 1:55pm

Feeling hot hot hot! The only way of making it through the current climate (weather, not political, that's a different playlist all together) is with a tall glass of water served with a side of aircon and one of those eau thermale water spray cans. If you don't know, now you know. It seems we were Born To Run (for the bus, because hobbling up and down Kingsland Road in chafey converse is just too much what with the Temperature Rising this Cruel Summer. It is Hot In Herre, basically. Hotter than sexy new Korean movie The Handmaiden. Hotter than your friend's fit dad. Hotter than the sun. Sweat, baby, sweat, cause it's all natural and we encourage dropping it like it's hot to this handpicked trickle of tunes currently keeping spirits up at i-D HQ. Hot stuff. Ok we'll stop now.

summer songs