x-girl reissues chloë sevigny's outfits from a lost 90s 'vice' shoot

The iconic brand's new collection is drenched in 90s NYC nostalgia.

by Hannah Ongley
12 April 2018, 4:28pm


In 2009, on Vice’s 15th anniversary, magazine staff went digging through the basement in search of vintage #content. They struck gold with a long-lost issue from 1994 that was for some reason never published, and uploaded the time capsule to the internet. The issue was covered in photobooth shots of a young ingénue named Chloë Sevigny. These photos were actually outtakes from a fashion shoot for X-Girl, the clothing label designed by Daisy von Furth and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth. The shoot took place soon after Sevigny was dubbed “coolest girl in the world” by the New Yorker, and just before she started shooting Larry Clark’s Kids. Sevigny was one of X-Girl's O.G. fans: in 1995 she starred in a mesmerizing short film for the brand, in which she ruminates on gender roles and NYC's creative scene.

X-Girl only operated between 1993 and 1998, though the label has continued to thrive in Japan since being sold to B’s International. In 2016, to the joy of riot grrrls around the world, it was revived as a collaboration between Gordon and Erin Magee of MadeMe, with a campaign fronted by Gordon’s teenage daughter Coco. X-Girl’s latest post-revival collection takes the brand right back to its early 90s roots. It’s not only modeled by Sevigny herself, bit is a wholehearted tribute to the perennial NYC It Girl. Titled “Back to the 90s,” the collection includes a T-shirt featuring Sevigny standing in front of palm trees, and a matching skirt-shirt combo printed with Seviny’s Vice cover photobooth shots. There’s even a striped shirt that’s reminiscent of the one she was wearing inside the photobooth. Meta! The collection drops on X-Girl tomorrow, Friday 13. It's basically a 90s NYC history lesson in the form of clothes. Check out the lookbook below.

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