be good, be kind, be 2018

To round out the year, we asked a handful of people we were inspired by in 2017 to give us their advice for a good, kind, happy, empowered, strong, loud, and proud 2018. Here’s what they each had to say.

by i-D Staff
25 December 2017, 10:00am

This article was originally published by i-D UK.

What a year it’s been. Some highs, some lows (a lot), sure, but let’s not forget 2017 has been a landmark year for activism. From entertainment, to fashion, to politics, in the face of opposition, adversity, and hatred, a generation of silence-breakers have taken a stand and made their voices heard. So, to round off the year with positive messages, we asked a few of our favorite artists, designers, models, musicians, actors, and activists to talk us through their personal highlights of 2017, and give us their advice to keep the momentum going well into 2018.

JME reminds us to check on our friends, family and health, because everything else is a bonus. Art School tells us to experiment, but also behave. Maxim Magnus discusses the positive changes that happened within the fashion industry this year. Nadya from Pussy Riot says she wants to see Donald Trump naked. Jazzelle Zanaughtti wants you to know that you’re poppin’ as hell. Charley Jeffrey says we need to make Loverboy, not war. Mo the Comedian thanks Julie for getting the cans in. Edie Campbell expresses her excitement at the take-no-shit attitude of this year. Matty Bovan says we need more sexy knitwear and less creative compromise. 11-year-old volunteer Alexyia is asking us to all show our love for Grenfell in 2018. Blondey McCoy wants you to keep doing exactly what you want. Issa Rae wants us all to pay attention and mind our own business. Stop playing by the rules is Dilara Findikoglu’s message for the year ahead. While Munroe Bergdorf reminds us to not let others define who we are. Lauren Stocks wants to keep fighting for spaced-out, stressed out kids. And last, but certainly not least, J Hus told us how he just wants everyone to tell the truth. Best advice ever.

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