a weekend-long 'twin peaks' marathon is coming to moma

Because, let’s be honest, we still have no clue what happened and definitely need to watch it again.

by André-Naquian Wheeler
20 December 2017, 5:35pm

Screenshot via YouTube

David Lynch pushed television into the avant-garde with Twin Peaks. In fact, it’s hard to believe the genre-bending, insanely complex show originally aired on cable and not in an arthouse theater. But Twin Peaks will now finally receive the same attention as, say, a photograph by Cindy Sherman: New York’s Museum of Modern Art will be hosting free marathon viewings of Twin Peaks: The Return next month. Time to put your bingeing skills to the test.

Honestly, we’re extremely grateful for this chance to rewatch the much-buzzed-about third season of Twin Peaks uninterrupted (and without a Showtime subscription). Because watching it the first time was a challenge for even the most hawk-eyed viewer. There was a mysterious time travel website, fan theories about multiverses, and a genius Michael Cera cameo that we’re still trying to make sense of.

Explaining the museum’s decision, MoMa’s chief curator of film, Rajendra Roy, described Twin Peaks as an “unclassifiable” work of art, calling it “something totally and spectacularly unique.” Much like Lynch, Roy was coy about exactly why the museum views Twin Peaks as a work of art. “I will simply say that my opinion on the matter can be interpreted through the fact that I have invited it to be screened at the Museum,” Roy told Vulture. “Interpret that how you will.”

The marathon will take place over three days — because spending an entire day in a Lynchian universe is not really advisable. Parts 1-4 of the The Return will be screened on January 5, parts 5-11 on January 6, and parts 12-18 on January 7. Hopefully that’s enough time to get over your seasonal depression and get your mind ready for Lynch’s cruel, dark world again.

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