my year in photos... by cameron mccool

As the end of year lists, think pieces, and hot takes on all things 2017 roll in, we decided to ask our favorite image-makers to paint a picture of their year through photography. This is Cameron McCool's year in photos.

by i-D Staff
26 December 2017, 8:30am

This article was originally published by i-D UK.
February. Veronika. New York, NY.
March. Sasha. Los Angeles, CA.
April. Paranormal Visit. Los Angeles, CA.
May. Ema. Los Angeles, CA.
June. Chevy. Los Angeles, CA.
July. Swan. New York, NY.

August. Love Letter. Los Angeles, CA.

September. Angel de la Tierra. Santa Rosa, CA.

October. A Stranger Knocks. Los Angeles, CA.
November. Battery Acid. Los Angeles, CA.
December. Starcrawler. Los Angeles, CA.
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my year in photos
my year in photos 2017