the new gorillaz video features vince staples and (maybe) a fake director


by Georgie Wright
08 August 2017, 2:34pm

Gorillaz have released their new video for Strobelite, the latest single from Humanz, the first album from the famed cartoon band in seven years. As that last sentence would suggest, it features cartoonz, strobelightz, and actual humanz.

Noodle dons a leopard print jumpsuit and actually pulls it off, probably because she's a cartoon. She also pulls band member 2D to the stage with that slightly corny dance move where you pretend to go fishing and reel them in. Except she's not pretending, so it's not actually that corny -- again, probably because she's a cartoon. Meanwhile, the disdainful Murdoc takes the role of that frustrating mate who doesn't even bother pretending that they're enjoying the party.

The most heavily featured human is Peven Everett, a notable Chicagoan in the R&B and soul music scenes, who takes the lead vocals on the track. There's also a few sneaky cameos from fellow Gorillaz collaborators including Vince Staples, and Savages' Jehnny Beth.

The best part? The fact this is the debut from Raoul Skinbeck, a friend of the fictional Murdoc who had "a long and illustrious career in producing TV ads for a local double glazing company based in Stoke-on-Trent, and Murdoc thought he'd be rather good at making pop videos". He's got no other credits anywhere, so does this mean that there's a new character in the Gorillaz' bright cartoon dreamscape? Probably. When can we move in?

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.


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