Photography Marlene Zepeda

What your September 2021 looked like

From Bandung to Brooklyn, here's a snapshot of the world from last month.

by Ryan White
01 October 2021, 7:00am

Photography Marlene Zepeda

i-D closed out 2020 with My Year in a Photo, a 12-month retrospective that brought in hundreds of incredible submissions from all over the world. We enjoyed it so much that from now on, we’ll be running it as a regular feature. At the end of each month, we’ll open our inbox to photographs from anyone and everyone — just email

Once again we received even more submissions than the month before, making the process of editing this story even harder. For anyone whose images did not make the cut, please do keep sending us your photography, as we’ve been overwhelmed by the quality of the submissions and want to keep sharing as much of it as possible.

close up of a woman's face with an orange light.

Ana Kvatchadze, 21, Tbilisi, Georgia

“I took this photo of my little sister at home after having emotionally hard week and understood for a second how amazingly heartwarming it is to find comfort in people you love the most.” @anaakvachadze

Two men watch the sunset standing against a street lamp

Eva Anerrapsi, 29, Athens, Greece

“There was a glimpse of clarity in the texture of sunset. We stood still in-between transparent things and we saw never ending flowing water and rays of light. Forever floating into unpredictability.” @eva_anerrapsi

A hair is being plucked out of a boys head.

Julia Aan De Stegge, 24, Indonesia

“In the Western world we don’t know where to find happiness; We look for it in our job; if we are successful in it and if it brings us financial abundance. My friends in Indonesia are in tune with nature, live wholeheartedly and feel with their soul. This means they are living in the moment, enjoying the sun on their skin and are happy that they have food for another day.” @juliaadstegge

A man on the beach takes off his shirt revealing hand shaped sun burns on his back.

Geelherme Vieira, 28, Venice, Italy

“Since I moved to Venice I started taking pictures at the lido almost every weekend.” @geelherme

view of Seoul city skyline at night, the buildings and road lit up and highlighted by the flares of a red plane signal light.

Rosie Wills, 25, Seoul, South Korea

“The first time I saw my new rooftop, after moving to Seoul this month from the UK. I don’t think I realised the gravity of this major change in my life until I stepped on this roof. Shot on 35mm Canon AE1.” @iamrosiewills

photo taken from back seat of people in the front driving along the road.

Marlene Zepeda, 19, Mexico City, Mexico

“Photograph taken on the 16th of September -- Mexico's Independence Day -- as I watch my mom fall in love all over again from the back seat of a car on my way back home.” @marlsview

A person does a hand stand, the top of their head in the water.

Bobby Mandrup, 46, Odense, Denmark

“Did this photo on my small pocket 35mm camera on an early September morning. I was awakened by the cold breeze on the Danish September ocean.” @bobbymandrup

Man in shorts and shirtless sits on a floral cushion on a rooftop overlooking the ocean.

Tayachi Bachire, 26, Kram, Tunisia

“Rooftop at 2pm.” @bachire_tayachi

Boy lays in bed and bandages hand.

Mitch Zachary, 29, New York, USA

“My friend Adam was visiting me in NYC after many years without seeing each other. These images remind me why I love summer so much and why I’m sad it's ending.” @beautifulandcandid

The sunset between old buildings

Alina Dav, 21, Uzbekistan

“To me this photo means change. I came back to my ex-USSR country and started a new chapter of my life as a graduate. Got my first apartment and I’m finally living alone. New friends, new job, new crowd. The sunset amongst old buildings is like saying goodbye to China finally after so many tries to stay there.” @fairygodmother666

Woman putting together a lasso outside under a red light.

Kumarshivam Singh, 28, Texas, USA

“This is a photograph I took of my friend Praise with her lasso. We had just driven back from a bar in a small west Texas town, where we had met these two local men playing around with a lasso. We started chatting and the men ended up teaching us how to lasso (neither of them were any good by the way).” @kumarshigram

person stands with their arms crossed and hands on their face in front of bed sheets.

Maingaila Muvundika, 22, Lusaka, Zambia

“A self portrait from my ‘Awarded’ series that talk about giving yourself the flowers.” @maingailaaa

A girl wearing a mask walks along shop fronts at night carrying takeaway containers, a guava roll and her phone

Leroy Agholor, 19, Ontario, Canada

“This picture is of the homie Tiffany holding a guava roll. We filmed an interview that day.” @fujicamroy

A couple sit in the front seats of a car parked in front of a house staring into each others eyes.

KJ Herb, 22, Arizona, USA

“The photograph is inspired by ‘Supercut’ by Lorde. It’s about first dates and first kisses. Shot on Cinestill 800t.” @k.j.herb

Two naked women play and run on a beach surrounded by cliffs

Asia Perini, 23, Milan, Italy

“I did a project in Portugal. It's about freedom, youth and sharing. This is the photo I chose to represent all these intense feelings.”

Portrait of a man outside a door. The light reflects on their face.

Danae Anastasia Japaridze, 21, Budapest, Hungary

“‘Before you can see the light, you have to deal with the darkness’.” I'm not sure who’s words these are, but before taking this picture I thought of them.” @one_giant_nostril

boy doing tricks on the back wheel of a bike in a car park

Matheus Theodoro, 25, São Paulo, Brazil

“A boy riding his bicycle in the old train station in the city's central square. Here in Brazil it is better known as ‘Grau’.” @xc_o_r_p_s_ex_p_o_s_ex

Two boys swim in a lake surrounded by trees

Isabella Madrid, 21, Colombia

“Getting to capture my friends' moments of freedom is what makes me feel like my life has a purpose.” @isabelitasuper

Model stands centre frame while people are designing around her.

Grace Antino, 22, New York, USA

“This is a photo backstage at the Kim Shui show in NYC. Being back at a fashion show felt so invigorating, almost sensual.” @graceisabella.a


Justin Feazell, 23, Virginia, USA

“This photo simply represents isolation. This was taken at a time where I was losing loved ones in my life due to illness or fractured relationships.” @doyouseethepeach

Two friends laugh sitting in the park

Sayuri Yamada, 22, Japan

“I hope you can feel the vibe and warmth from these photos of my friends as much as I did capturing the moment.” @_sayuriyamada

A man stands in front of a sign saying no vehicles no trespassing in the middle of a barren space at night.

Tyler Petersen, 26, Las Vegas, USA

“I finally got to see live music and be free with my friends for the weekend.” @tyduane

Poster of an i-D magazine cover against a blank wall and lit by a triangle of light.

Noor Kaur Randhawa, 21, Delhi, India

“I spent this month trying to get the hang of my film camera. This picture was taken in my room, and is part of the first roll of film I ever shot.” @noorrandhawa00

Hands together in prayer under a red light

Morthou, 20, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“My mom praying after hearing the news that my sister got her first job two days before graduating.” @morthou__

shot from below a fair ground ride that swings people around.

Jade Ruthven, 19, Texas, USA

“This photo was taken while at an amusement park that my university was hosting as a kickoff to the new school year. I am probably the last person to be singing the praises of rollercoasters. So I had reduced myself to becoming the bag holder while my new roommates enjoyed the rides.” @jaderuthven

Street corner at night in Warsaw

Adrian Staniec, 24, Warsaw, Poland

“This was one of the last warm evenings, me and my friend decided to go take a look at some new buildings with interesting architecture in the central business district of Warsaw. The building's elevation is supposed to imitate scales and it moves when the wind blows.” @legitstanley


Julia Kokernak, 25, New York, USA

“In my head lately.” @juliakokernak

Someone with tattoos stands with their back to the camera with burn marks on it.
a man's hand with burn marks and an 'R. KILLA' tattoo appearing from silver streamers

Ben D’Ath, 27, New Zealand

“I was in a gas explosion and my house burnt down in December. A ‘killa’ tattoo on my hand is a skin graft that was my friend’s nickname tattooed on my thigh and then skin grafted onto my hand.” @bendath

Two people talk under the moonlight at night.

Haneen Khaled, 22, Khartoum, Sudan

“Full moon September nights and late night conversations.” @haneenkhaledd

Two boys running in front of a car along a road lined with trees.

Elena Adeniyi, 19, Brisbane, Australia

“Showcasing men’s mental health whilst acknowledging the importance of addressing our anxieties, fears and feelings by being mindful about our thoughts and everything surrounding them.” @oluwa.jpg

Person standing amongst grass, bushes and trees.

Miftah Farid, 23, Bandung, Indonesia

“These photos were taken when I went to my friend’s house. Suddenly the sun was so beautiful and my friend told me that she found a hidden place near her house. We went there and captured some moments with my phone.”

A man with tattoos covering his face and neck in a white vest top

Naika Wah, 23, New York, USA

“A lot of times society frowns upon people with tattoos. There is a lot of misjudgment and negative stigma. I photographed Drew to show the world the beauty and symbolism tattoos can also carry.” @pinkmashhh

an umbrella lit up by a red neon light

Rollswyze, New York, USA

“Red path.” @rollswyze


All images courtesy of the artist

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