Megan Thee Stallion is going on hiatus

It’s what she deserves! But we’re still sad.

by Roisin Lanigan
23 April 2021, 2:06pm

Image via Instagram

It’s been an uber-busy few years of phenomenal success for Megan Thee Stallion, so while the news that she will be going on hiatus is not completely unexpected, we’re still kind of sad about it. In a series of cryptic, science-fiction inspired Instagram posts, Megan revealed that she will be going into a “recharging” era. With a plug emoji caption and trippy visuals of Meg inside futuristic, cryogenic tanks, the musician shared that, after turning the industry upside down, she’s taking a well-deserved break. 

“Megan Thee Stallion is recharging,” the latest of her three posts says. “Due to the demands of the Hot Girl lifestyle, Meg has now entered a period of regeneration to prepare for what’s next.”

Given that the mysterious posts had at first led to fan speculation that the star was preparing to release new music, this is a bit of a blow. But don’t panic! While Megan Thee Stallion might be going away for a few months, it’s possible that she’s preparing to return in a new iteration, if we’re reading correctly into “preparing for what comes next”. 

What exactly that new era will look like, we’re not quite sure yet. But at least fans won’t have to deal with radio silence in the interim. In the absence of the woman herself, Meg’s management will be dealing with her socials, so her Hotties needn’t stress. “[[Thee Hotties]] lead a brave // RESISTANCE in anticipation for the return of their Fearless Captain,” the post goes on.

Adding some clarity to the mystery, Megan also posted on Twitter that she would be back “when it’s time”. 

Since debuting with her first track “Like A Stallion” in 2016, Megan has become one of rap’s biggest stars and bag an i-D cover in the process. In just five short years she’s gone from virtually unknown to a three-time Grammy winner who blessed the world with the invention of Hot Girl Summer (for which we are eternally grateful). 

But such a stratospheric rise in such a short time is undeniably stressful. Coupled with the fact she was injured in a shooting last summer (and still didn’t take a break from releasing music), it’s probably been a bit of a mad one for Megan. So we can’t begrudge her for a few months off to rest, relax and catch up on her self-care. Unplugging from the internet sounds pretty tempting right about now. 

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