10 things you need to know about Kaash Paige, the Texas heartbreaker making intimate R&B

You obsessed over her ‘Love Songs’ on TikTok, now get to know the artist people are comparing to SZA and DeJ Loaf.

by Frankie Dunn
17 January 2020, 12:42pm

You know those insanely catchy TikTok songs that get stuck in your head for days? Kaash Paige made one. And she didn’t stop there. After the success of “Love Songs” (it went viral, spent six weeks at the top of Spotify’s global viral chart and even caught the attention of Kylie Jenner), the 19-year-old released her debut EP, Parked Car Convos, in November. Stemming from the deep and meaningful conversations she always seems to find herself having in cars, the eight-tracker is a sexy late night drive through Kaash’s mind.

Music for the soul, our proud Texan protagonist takes the wheel as she sings about anxiety, fake friends and the girls she's dating/cheating on/stalking online over a mellow, lo-fi R&B production. Remember the Kiersey Clemons, Shameik Moore and A$AP Rocky starring movie Dope that came out back in 2015? Kaash reckons her EP would’ve been a great soundtrack for it and we wholeheartedly agree.

Basically a movie in itself, the music video for her impressive single “64’” (directed by Matthew Nicholson and Robb5x) sees KP truly living her new lifestyle as she takes her girl out to the club for a big night out. Clearly on a roll, Kaash has big plans for 2020, during which she intends to “take over the world and be the biggest artist!” You’d better familiarise yourself with her pretty sharpish, hey? Here are 10 fun facts about your new favourite act...

1. Kaash is an acronym.
Kill All Arrogance Stop Hatred is about loving yourself and being you. Paige is my middle name.”

2. She grew up in Grand Prairie, home to the largest indoor waterpark in Texas and birthplace of Selena Gomez.
“It was very suburban. I loved going outside to play basketball, doing regular kid stuff.”

3. Kaash believes in reincarnation.
I’m an old soul. I feel like I’ve been here before.”

4. The artist just turned 19 and to celebrate, she may or may not have gone to a haunted escape room .
“I had a party in LA... can’t tell you too much but it was a good birthday!”

5. Fittingly, she’s a kaash-carrying kind of girl.
“With the kaard I have to keep receipts, and it can be a lot.”

6. She remembers the last Parked Car Convo she had very clearly...
“It was about this lifestyle I’m about to be living.”

7. Contrary to what her single “64’” says, Paige doesn’t actually drive a 64 Impala.
“I have a Nissan Maxima.”

8. She’s a Mac Miller stan.
“”All I Want Is You” is the greatest love song of all time.”

9. At 15 she got her first tattoo. Now she’s covered in them.
“My favourite is the broken heart on my face I just got.”

10. People yell "I miss my cocoa butter kisses" at her in the street. All. The. Time.
“Oh my gosh! I’ve encountered like 1000 people who sing it to me. I’m in awe, like in shock. It’s crazy to me.”

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