Cara Delevingne directs Kaia Gerber in Rainsford's lockdown music video

EXCLUSIVE: 'Crying In The Mirror' was made by the ultimate quaranteam.

by Frankie Dunn
22 May 2020, 10:00am

Relationships are total rollercoasters are they not? And now more than ever. North Carolina-raised, LA-based Rainsford understands. In fact, that’s exactly what the singer, songwriter and producer’s new single, “Crying In the Mirror” is all about. “I wrote it after a break up,” she tells i-D, “when I was essentially begging my ex to get back together… which we did, briefly, but it didn’t last.” Ever since she was a child, it seems, Rainsford has watched herself cry when she’s really upset -- something she later discovered she was far from alone in doing. “It must be some kind of coping mechanism to confront feelings so directly,” she says, “but I think there’s also an element of self-indulgence”.

The release of sad synth-pop bop “Crying In The Mirror” follows recent single “2 Cents”, whose iconic video featured Rainsford cavorting through the mountains in a PVC catsuit on the back of a majestic white horse. Currently at home in LA, the 30-year-old is locked down with her sister Margaret Qualley and friends Cara Delevingne and Kaia Gerber. Alongside working on her psychic intuition, writing music, gardening, walking through her local park in freaky face paint (“I was just feeling cooped up and bored”) and taking care of an adorable foster pup, Rainsford took it upon herself to assemble her housemates for a super special project.

“It sucks not working like I’m used to,” she says, “since so much of my self-worth comes from staying busy and feeling like I’m making progress in my career, but thankfully we have a really good little quaranteam group -- we’ve been trying to stay positive and use this time for good. We’ve been having game nights together!” They’ve also been working on a music video together, taking on new roles across cast and crew for the first time.

“Cara, Kaia and I have all become really close over the past several months,” Rainsford says. “I’m so thrilled they wanted to be part of the video. Cara is an incredible director; Kaia is a vulnerable, fearless actor; and Gregg is the perfect heartthrob.” British actor Gregg Sulkin, that is, a friend of theirs who you might remember from Pretty Little Liars among other things. The video -- which also stars the previously mentioned foster puppy -- sees Kaia and Gregg play two halves of a tumultuous relationship, dancing one minute, fighting the next. Rainsford sings through her tears as she performs the song to camera, through her mirror, naturally.

“Rainey’s such an incredible artist and it was such an honour to help bring her genius work to life,” director Cara told i-D. “I’m forever grateful that my directorial debut will be tied to her wonderful music.” Kaia agrees, noting that she always feels “very grateful in playing a part to help a creative vision come to life. Working with close friends on this video made it that much more special”.

Press play and let those lockdown tears flow.

Cara Delevingne directing Kaia Gerber in Rainsford's music video
Cara and Rainsford during shooting
Kaia and Gregg behind the scenes
Kaia and Gregg during shooting
Cara Delevingne
kaia gerber