Meet the winners of the fashion category public vote in the first ever online global design graduate show

Here are the projects focusing on accessories, textiles and fashion communications that received the most public votes of support. 

by Tom George
23 September 2020, 3:00pm

With voting for the i-D x ARTSTHREAD Global Design Graduate Show now closed, the judges are now deliberating to pick their winners in the fashion categories of the competition, this year - for the first time ever - supported by fashion power-house Gucci.

In the meantime, take a look at the amazing projects that received the most public votes of support within the accessories, textiles and fashion communication categories.


Nicolas Rademacher, Architecture at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, USA.


Graduate Project Title: Digital Couture

Although studying Architecture, Nicolas used the tools he learnt over his course and applied it to fashion. Inspired by Gaultier, Margiela and Van Herpen, the project attends to the articulation of the body through 3D printed bodices alongside traditional fabric patterning to create a queer cyborg, anatomic-insect like being that alludes to the beauty of the ghostly orchid.


“It’s important to not present my work as extreme or weird in nature” says Nicolas. “It’s only thought of as weird in the context of its social surroundings.”



Fareha Iqbal, BDes Fashion Design at NIFT Bengaluru, India.


Graduate Project Title: Dastaawez

“The mood of the collection is nostalgia,” says Fareha. In the process of coming up with project ideas, she came across a damp-looking, frayed folder over 30 years old -- known as Dastaawez which comes from the Urdu for ‘document’ -- containing the old college notes and papers of her father and reflecting a time when her parents were at the same juncture in life as she is today.


The fragile state of this book of forgotten memories, its delicate touch, aged texture, torn layers and woven structure, became the inspiration for her final collection with Fareha also drawing on the fashions of the 70s and the local crafts and recycled fabrics of her parents’ university town.


Fairuz Adlina, BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles at London College of Fashion UAL, UK


Project title: Lucid Dream

Fairuz was inspired by Christoper Nolan’s 2010 film Inception. Futuristic geometric prints explore London’s skyline, infamous for the high-rises amongst historical architecture, while a dystopian colour palette expresses the city's movement from daylight to darkness.


“The final samples are made using digital and traditional screen-printing methods” says Fairuz, making the collection far more sustainable, whilst keeping the vibrancy of traditional screen-printing.



Natalie Lauren Fay, BA (Hons) Fashion Art Direction at Manchester School of Art MMU, UK.


Graduate Project Title: The Home Diaries

In a time when social distancing has meant we’ve never been further apart, we turn to the digital world for connection. “Humanity is emotionally homeless and exiled from its surroundings” says Natalie. “We are all staring into our screens trying to feel connected to the people and places we miss.”

Her project, The Home Diaries, explores how we control our identity and represent ourselves in digital spaces whilst also finding common ground, despite our differing backgrounds, to come together in solidarity, support and survival.


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