the i-D team's milan fashion week round-up

It was a season defined by one stand out moment...

by i-D Team and Adam Fletcher
23 September 2014, 5:40pm

Photography Harry Carr

Gemma Ward! Alastair McKimm, Fashion Director

Gemma Ward opening Prada. Good to have you back Gemma! Ger Tierney, Executive Fashion Editor

One of my favourite girls with the most epic comeback, Gemma Ward opening Prada. AND Charlotte Free roller-skating down the Moschino catwalk. Julia Sarr-Jamois, Fashion Editor At Large

Prada Prada Prada Dolce Dolce Dolce <3 Lynette Nylander, Managing Editor

For me, this Milan was about dealing with the past and bringing the best of it into the present day. Everywhere you looked there was something 70s going on, but I didn't so much care about that. Prada was magnificent because it was all about what we can learn from the past: celebrating and nurturing old craftsmanship. Everything doesn't have to be new all the time. Versace was honest in its no-fuss approach to its own heritage, stripped down in a kind of take-it-or-leave it way. And Fendi was incredibly gutsy. Karl Lagerfeld's courage in basing a collection on fascist architecture (and uniforms), and recognising the beauty in it, was a real moment. Anders Christian Madsen, Fashion Features Editor

It has to be Prada! Miuccia mourning the disappearance of slow fashion was the most intelligent idea I've heard all week. Bertie Brandes, Features Editor

The plastic-fantastic roller-skating Barbie dream girls at Moschino. Felicity Kinsella, Assistant Editor

Marni's karate belts and floral bombers, Trussardi's blues (especially that suede jumpsuit) and Versace's... errr... ringholes. Stuart Brumfitt, Digital News Editor

Come in my room, my sheet Versace. Go to sleep, I dream Versace. Versace Versace Versace Versace. Francesca Dunn, Staff Writer 

My highlight, along with the rest of the fashion world, was obviously Gemma Ward opening Prada. It reminded me of just why fashion is fun and exciting and about celebrating personality. I also loved Versace, the zig-zags, the glitter and the skirts emulating hold-ups. Though Milan Fashion Week received its criticisms, there were still some gems that were fun and sexy and loud and that we can celebrate without being too caught up in the realities of contemporary life. Bojana Kozarevic, Fashion Assistant 

For a season lacking in real moments, Gemma Ward's catwalk comeback will live long in the memory. Out of nowhere, one of the most super of supermodels had returned. How had this march for Miuccia remained a secret? The collective heart of the industry's elite skipped the moment their smartphones focussed on the swaggering sexiness of this sorely missed i-D cover star. Gemma, don't be a stranger. Steve Salter, Head of Social Media

Moschino for all its low-brow goofiness in a world of high-brow restraint. Felix Petty, Content Manager 

Kendal Jenner's touching dedication of her lead of the Dolce & Gabbana parade to her late Chihuahua named 'Dolce'. Declan Higgins, Associate Producer

Dolce & Gabbana's sexy hot babes. Tish Weinstock, Intern


Photography Harry Carr

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