​larry clark’s kids turns 20 – where are they now?

It's the film that made a generation of cult stars, we look at what the cast has been up to for the last two decades.

by Ryan White
18 May 2015, 10:40am

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Larry Clark's Kids. A film that needs no introduction two decades after its release, yet has never occupied a space in mainstream entertainment, Kids was the first film to truly explore teenagedom through an unfiltered lens. To discuss what it meant at the time and what it has subsequently achieved at this point seems like an exhausted and redundant discussion, yet its cultural impact aside in 2015 it still remains relatively unique. Thirteen, Kidulthood and Skins followed, as well as a slew of other Clark films exploring similar themes, each met with their own public outcry of indecency. Yet beyond this handful, extreme depictions of teenage nihilism like Kids remain few and far between.

This, combined with our current Instagram induced 90s nostalgia-trip means the film has firmly secured itself a place in our overly fetishised 90s hall of fame. Not even Clark's most recent, heavy handed heavily panned foray into hedonistic Parisian teen revelry, The Smell of Us, could devalue his original. Thus, next month when the cast reunite in celebration of 20 years, all of them can presumably be grateful they were cast off the street and awarded a part in a film that made history. It served as the launch pad for many of their successful acting careers, but tragically the careers of Justin Pierce and Harold were cut short. Justin tragically taking his own life in 2000, and Harold Hunter dying of an overdose in 2006. Fully-fledged adults these days, we look at where the surviving cast members of Larry Clark's Kids are now.

Chloe Sevigny - Jennie
Synonymous with the film, and a feature of multiple i-D shoots and covers over the years, Sevigny has gone on to enjoy perhaps the most prolific career of all. You only need to look as far as her newly released eponymous photo book, a collection of different photos of her over the last 20 years, to confirm her status as the mean scene indie queen.

Catch her in the upcoming American Horror Story, or if you can't wait until then get under the sheets with her and Lily McMenamy or get her Guide To Being A New Yorker.

Rosario Dawson - Ruby
Following a more mainstream path than Sevigny, Dawson has also enjoyed a similar ascent to fame since her 1995 film debut, with a few more Hollywood blockbusters to her name. Men in Black, Sin City and Percy Jackson to name a few.

Catch her in Daily Mail sidebar of shame, wearing stuff and doing things!

Leo Fitzpatrick - Telly
While Sevigny and Dawson presumably have only good things to say about their involvement, Leo Fitzpatrick revealed he's been subjected to public abuse from people who believed his character to be real. While this may perhaps be a testament to a stellar and convincing performance as 'the virgin surgeon' (L), Fitzpatrick's career didn't enjoy the meteoric rise one might have expected.

As well as appearing in The Wire, Sons of Anarchy and Bully,  he's been concentrating on art, so find him at Marlborough Chelsea curating art shows, or running his own gallery.

Jon Abrahams - Steven
A familiar face but never a leading man, Abrahams has enjoyed a steady stream of work and a career perhaps best described as 'omfg this is so annoying where do I recognise him from?' Probably Scary Movie, or Meet the ParentsOr this?

Check him out in the upcoming EDM coming of age drama We Are Your Friends alongside Zac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski from the Blurred Lines video. Seriously.

Harmony Korine - Fidget
Both star and writer of the film, Korine has become known for his dark humoured and surreal films, and to this day still enjoys a reception of love and hate in equal measure from fans and critics. You probably know him as the director of Spring Breakers, but did you also know he filmed Above the Below, the film about that time David Blane lived in a plexiglass box above the Thames for 44 days? Iconic.

Look out for his upcoming Miami-rap-revenge-thriller follow up to the seminal Spring Breakers called The Trap, starring Idris Elba, Al Pacino, Robert Pattinson, James Franco and Benicio del Toro.

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