​orange is the new black stars shut down sexist reporter

Natasha Lyonne, Uzo Aduba and Samira Wiley say, if you don’t want dumb answers, don’t ask dumb questions.

by Felicity Kinsella
18 June 2015, 3:30pm

We've all seen it before - the questions asked towards intelligent, successful and accomplished women, that reduce them to nothing but beauty pageant contestants. What are you wearing? You look amazing, what diet are you on? And, how long did it take you to get ready? are questions that roll over the red carpet again and again (watch this if you need proof). But recently the girls have been taking a stand with their clever take downs, witty responses and #AskHerMore campaign against the misogynists who - because it's been drummed into them for so long by the media - probably don't realise that they are doing anything wrong.

There have been plenty of Buzzfeed lists demonstrating individual actresses comebacks to sexist interview questions, and now there's another few to add to the list. Orange is the New Black stars Uzo Aduba, Natasha Lyonne and Samira Wiley aka Crazy Eyes, Nicky and Poussey, shot down Brazilian TV reporter Rafael Cortez when he - in short - asked them why there weren't any real men in the show, and how they could possibly act in a prison show when they were so beautiful? Responding at one point, Natasha Lyonne comments "Despite a great beauty on the show everyone is professional and talented and very capable, so I don't think that really anybody's thinking about something as meaningless as their beauty when they're at work, certainly not this show." Go Natasha.

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