why clown contouring is the most creative viral beauty trend

One beauty blogger was tired of people hating on her techniques, so she gave their criticisms a clownish new look.

by Emily Manning
17 July 2015, 4:45pm

At first glance, clown contouring seems pretty lols. But the Internet-breaking beauty movement isn't just another Korean snail trail, it's actually kinda subversive. Bloggers and aficionados are reconstructing negativity to creatively demonstrate just how fun and empowering beauty can be.

Makeup artist Bella DeLune had enough of makeup shaming trolls calling her techniques and tutorials clownish, so she decided to put a new twist on the shade. DeLune posed a before shot of her exaggerated, pre-contoured face (which, between the multi-colors and geometric outlines, does serve a little circus realness) and a perfectly blended after shot, demonstrating the truly transformative power of the Kardashian-approved technique. Extra laughs for the poop emoji she drew on her forehead, too.

Although the selfies weren't meant to serve as tutorials, they went straight up viral, prompting the vlogger to produced a full-fledged video breaking down the clown, step-by-step. "Even though you don't need this amount of makeup to look or feel beautiful. Let's face it, makeup is fun and it is a way of expressing yourself," DeLune said. "Personally, I can not tell you many times I have been called a clown, and many other names, and been hated on because of the the way I use this art form."

The trend has taken off as a hashtag, with other women sharing their insanely detailed pre-contour shots (some of them even themed as cats or sugar skulls.) It not only demonstrates inventive artistry, but reinforces that women shouldn't be shamed for the amount of makeup they are or are not wearing.


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