make-up artists' tips and tricks for lookin' hot this summer

Wondering how to stop your mascara from melting down your face in the heat of summer sunshine? Having trouble ditching the goth kohl in favour of a more summery hue? Contemplating no foundation to let your skin soak up some much needed vitamin D? These...

by i-D Team
23 May 2014, 10:10pm

Jourdan wears polo neck Yves Saint Laurent.

"On holiday, I adapt my make-up to light crème balm textures with sheer, buildable colour pops that you can layer throughout the day. My new Beach Sticks are my hero summer products. I named them after the beautiful beaches of Ibiza, and the colours are inspired by the unique, mesmerising light of sunsets across the water in Ibiza. They are a lip-to-cheek colour pop that can be simply applied and blended with your fingers for a sexy, summer glow on cheek and a lovely lustre on the lip." Charlotte Tilbury

"For spring/summer use Make-up Forever's Smokey Lash Mascara in Rich Black... it is highly pigmented making it the blackest black, lengthens, curls and volumizes. It is waterproof and doesn't flake/fallout, plus it gives you the ultimate 60's style when you pile it on. Use after you have curled your lashes with Japonesque's Lash Curler - it has a fantastic design with the lever on the outside of the curler rather than facing inwards, which can dent the cheekbone and/or disturb your perfectly concealed/foundationed complexion, messing up all your hard work." Aaron de Mey

"I'm all about cream formulas that can be applied with your fingers, especially in the summer months. It cuts your make-up routine in half, allows your skin to breathe and gives you an effortless, sexy glow. Key products are; long-wearing kohls/crayons applied close to eyelashes and smudged with your finger for instant, lived-in definition (Topshop Grunge Stick is excellent for this); liquid bronzer on cheekbones and temples to bring a warm glow to face (I love Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess); and sheer lipsticks that double up as blush." Hannah Murray

"Base: Sunblock is all you need to know about summer beauty. It will stop you from ageing prematurely by protecting your collagen and elastic safe from the damaging UVA rays. Choose one that has broad spectrum coverage (UVA & UVB) in a formulation to suit your skin type. Non oily formulas with a matte finish are best for oily and combination skin. Eyes: The easiest route to melt-proof eye make-up is a long lasting, waterproof cream eyeshadow. There are some great formulas around that really stay put. You can use them as a base for powder shadows or on their own. Don't bother with anything other than a waterproof mascara (or at least water resistant) to avoid panda streaks under your eyes. Lips: As with everything, use thin, well blended layers of whatever lip product you choose. Lip stains or long lasting formulations are best but can be quite drying. Apply a moisturising balm or chubby pencil over the top to add moisture to your lips." Lisa Eldridge

"Sneak into summer with a head start. A light-weight, tinted moisturiser that is one shade darker than your natural skin tone will 'sunny' up your complexion and give you a faux Montecarlo glow. This quick fix will warm up your world. I love Laura Mercier because it also contains SPF - an everyday essential." Laura Dominique

"Summer is all about fresh, fun makeup. For a different look use brightly coloured lipsticks on the eyes. Use your finger to pad and smudge into place. Use Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Creme over the lipstick colour on the eye lids to create a high shine look. The same effect can be used on cheeks and/or lips! Keep it colourful, Keep it shiny!" Lucy Bridge

"To warm up the skin without it looking to made up apply a matte bronzing powder such as Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder in n.30 or 40 straight after a light base, while it is still a bit wet using the Chanel Retractable Kabuki brush which gives a more natural, buffed in texture. I favour berry/plum colours on the lip but orange is a big trend and great on blondes. You can choose to wear it bright and strong or just patted on for a lightly stained effect if a 'lip' isn't really your thing. My favourite orange is 'Lady Danger' by MAC." Lucia Pica

"Warming your skin up one shade with the addition of freckles is the easiest and freshest way to step into summer! If you're not blessed with them naturally cheat by speckling a few across the bridge of your nose with an eyebrow pencil to give the illusion of just stepping off the plane from St Barts!" Lucy Burt

"Use your mascara brush as a weapon! Don't wipe the mascara off of the end, apply directly from the tube and leave the majority of the product on the roots. Then with a really thin brush, comb the hair to spread the product through the lash to the tip. It will look completely different at the same time as creating a kind of eyeliner that's floating behind the area." Balthazar Gonzalez Pinel

"Think about how long you spend on your skincare - now double it! Really work it before even thinking about concealer or foundation, that way you'll really see the benefits. We all do it - when we're in a rush we just slap on the moisturiser and go but just take time to address those dry areas and give them a little exfoliate. Perhaps you're a bit tired around the eyes - just work it in to get the blood pumping. That kind of thing makes the biggest difference to make-up." James Molloy

"I'm going back to liner again - it's my all time favourite statement. Utilise the different formulas of black. Use two liners, first the Technakohl, smudge it out and then do a line of liquid. You can multilayer black. Women often think it's either a pencil or a liquid but you can layer one on top of the other. I would use pencil first, smudge it in with a little brush, then do a line of liquid next to the lashes. It gives black dimension. If you're looking for feline, that's what it's going to give you." Terry Barber

"I want to talk about colour. If you're a bit afraid of colour or feel terrorised - because you have blue eyes - to wear blue eyeshadow or blue liner, one of my best tips is to start playing with it. Start by wearing it extremely translucent. For example, if you want to wear turquoise but don't want it to look too much, use a kohl, apply it at the root of your lashes and blend it all the way onto your lid and you get this lovely transparency. Slowly you'll get used to seeing yourself with colour. The same with red lipstick - start with glosses in the brightest red you can find and play with opacity and easy textures. Use kohls you can blend and creams that you can move around." Lynne Desnoyers

"I'm going to talk about foundation - really take time when you blend it. I see so many people who think, "oh, I only have 35 seconds, I'm going to slap my foundation on and run out the door." It brings me back to my childhood and my seven sisters who used to do that and torment me! Foundation should be the part that takes the longest. It's about creating beautiful skin, not masking your skin. Sometimes when I do make-up, foundation will take me forever and the rest will take two seconds. When you have beautiful skin, your make-up's always going to look good. If you get the foundation wrong, no matter how much you try to get out of that horrible sinkhole, you're never going to get out." Gordon Espinet


Photography Alasdair McLellan
Styling Elgar Johnson
Hair Anthony Turner at Art Partner using Tigi
Make-up Lucia Pica at Art Partner using Chanel
Nail technician Sophy Robson at Streeters
Photography assistance Gareth Powell, Lex Kembery
Styling assistance Ger Tierney, Jheanelle Feanny
Make-up assistance Roberta Kearsey
Model Jourdan Dunn
[The Winter Warm Up Issue, No. 316, Winter 11]

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