ariana grande and mac miller remix 'into you’ for a slower, sexier tune

Ariana and Mac's new collaboration proves everything gets better when you do it with your friends.

by Isabelle Hellyer
08 August 2016, 4:56pm

Ariana Grande and Mac in The Way

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have been friends for ages; way before Ariana was the megastar she is today. Mac actually worked on her first big grown-up hit "The Way," which prompted a whole lot of romantic speculation — they shared a little kiss in the music video. The pair are just mates, but they certainly know how to make beautiful music together. Three years after that breakaway hit they've released their second collaboration: a remix of the standout Dangerous Woman track "Into You."

The remix slows the tune way down, which makes for sultrier verses, before turning the super-charged chorus all the way up to 11. If it wasn't a banger before, it is now. The pair clearly still sync up well, and that's not just in the studio. IRL, they've been extra supportive of one-another's latest solo efforts. Mac praised Dangerous Woman on Twitter when it first landed; and more recently, Ariana's been hyping "Dang!" — the lead single of Mac's upcoming LP The Divine Feminine. Are they the type of real friends Kanye was looking for? Seems like it. Listen below. 

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