terry and tricia jones, the original i-D icons!

Last night Terry and Tricia Jones won The Outstanding Achievement Award in British Fashion, proving a smile and a wink really does get you further than you think! We celebrate their achievements here...

by Sarah Raphael and i-D Staff
03 December 2013, 3:40pm

Tricia and Terry Jones by Matt Jones

Terry and Tricia Jones started i-D in 1980, publishing it from the top floor of their house. Running the business together for over 30 years, they put the street at the front of fashion and introduced the industry to a brand new culture. Over the years, T&T, as they are affectionately known around here, found and nurtured some of the biggest talents in the industry, who have all been taught the i-D language: originate don't imitate, be a fan not a critic, and a good magazine is a minestrone soup. Think about it.

When did you meet? What were your first impressions of each other?
Tricia: We first met at a university union dance, which we'd both gone along to because we both liked Georgie Fame. First impressions: great smile, too short. Or maybe I was too tall.
Terry: We met as students and became best friends for life.

Terry, if money was no object, what would you buy Tricia for her birthday?
Permanent good health with a daily supply of good jokes.

And the same question to Tricia.

He's always wanted a Bristol in good working order. But now that I've read his answer, of course good health comes before anything.

What have you learnt from each other?

Tricia: That life is not always black and white. And to go with the flow.
Terry: That Tricia's viewpoint is often more valid than mine, and that sharing responsible decisions has made life richly more rewarding.

What habits have you picked up from each other?

Tricia: I'm afraid that Terry picked up being late from me. We are both now belatedly trying to be more punctual!
Terry: We both think there are too few hours in a day. Or maybe we both try to fit too much into 24 hours!

Terry, what's your favourite feature of Tricia's?

The whole woman.

Tricia, what's your favourite feature of Terry's?

When he makes me laugh.

Where's your favourite place to be together?

Tricia: Anywhere in big nature with a beautiful, beautiful view.

Do you have 'a song'?

Me and Mrs Jones.

What have you learnt from your grandchildren?

Tricia: That time all of us spend together as an extended family is super precious and important.


Text Sarah Raphael
Photography by Matt Jones

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